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warranty – Maple Furniture Inc


Maple Furniture Inc warrants, only to the original end-user of the products it manufactures, against material defects and workmanship of its products for a period of four (4) years.

This warranty is applicable in residential within the Canada and is not transferable to subsequent owners.
The date of purchase by the end-user.

The date of installation by an authorized Maple Furniture Inc agent and dealers (the “Warranty Period”).
*All drawer systems and hinges are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. If a defect is be detected within the Warranty Period, Maple Furniture Inc will repair and/or restore its product to the product’s original requirement(s); or replace the product, at its sole discretion.*

This limited warranty is limited exclusively to the value of defective Maple Furniture Inc products and applies only to those products which are stored, handled and installed in the method recommended within our guidelines. Maple Furniture Inc is not responsible or liable for any indirect, consequential or incidental damages constant to the product during its use by the user.

Restrictions: This Warranty does not cover or apply to:

  1. Physical transformations or alterations occurring to the product due to natural, inherent wood characteristics that predispose the product to changes in grain patterns or finish, or other transformations that may arise due to factors which may include, but are not limited to ambient environmental variables such as: sunlight or artificial lighting, extreme temperatures, humidity, poor ventilation, contact with water, normal wear and tear, and etc..;
  2. Natural woods may vary in color, characteristics and exhibit subtle changes as they age. For example painted products may eventually have visible cracking around the joint areas and cabinet colors may darken or lighten over time. Humidity, Sunlight, smoke, household cleaners, temperature, and other environmental conditions may also affect the color match over time. These variations are considered to be the nature of the material in relation to their environmental exposure and are not covered under this warranty. Maple Furniture Inc cannot guarantee an exact color match to aged finishes;
  3. Variances in manually applied specialty finishes
  4. Maple Furniture Inc Inc product that has been handled, modified or repaired by persons not employed, approved, or authorized by Maple Furniture Inc
  5. Instances where a defect appears or where a repair is required after misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, improper use or installation, or lack of precaution, care, or normal maintenance during use;
    Longevity of use of the Maple Furniture Inc product;
  6. Damage or expenses incurred during removal, shipment and/or installation;

Maple Furniture Inc reserves the right to change or modify materials and specifications due to ongoing product development. Material and specification changes compromising aesthetic appeal are not valid reasons for product refusal or replacement under warranty claims. Providing that the product sold is defective, which is to be determined within the terms of this warranty at the discretion of Maple Furniture Inc, the original end-user may rely on the warranty by contacting either the dealer or builder from which the product was purchased/acquired by the end-user; or if purchased directly, by contacting Maple Furniture Inc. This warranty is hereby the only warranty given by Maple Furniture Inc and no authorized Maple Furniture Inc representative is approved to extend the terms of this warranty on its behalf. All other warranties express or implied are hereby excluded from this limited warranty.

This warranty is limited solely to original end-users, which are qualified as initial purchasers of new Maple Furniture Inc products from Maple Furniture Inc directly, or through its authorized agents or retailers. Claims must be initiated during the Warranty Period. To initiate a claim, please contact the builder, dealer or contractor who installed and sold the Product. lf that party is unknown or unreachable, contact Maple Furniture Inc.